Beyond Maybe is a learning & leadership development agency that helps people go and keep going by nurturing resilience.

Led by Associate Certified Coach, Crystal Lee (BSc, MPH, CPCC) in Vancouver, BC, Canada (Unceded Coast Salish Territories) since 2013.


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Life & Leadership Coaching

Coaching brings out the best in you, so you create impact in the world while feeling inspired and alive through the process! My style of coaching is fun, creative, and deeply personal. We’re shooting for transformation so I only work with people who are committed to learning and action. Are you ready?

The 2 types of people who benefit most from my coaching are:

People who care about making a difference in the world but need to figure out personal stuff first.

Popular topics:

People (often from immigrant backgrounds) who studied hard and worked hard for a great career but actually hate their jobs.

Popular topics:


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3 Month Coaching Program

Single Session Coaching


“Crystal was instrumental in helping me double my income in my 2nd year of business. Well into my 3rd year, I’m still sticking with the productive habits she helped me form.”

— Erika, Designer + Social Entrepreneur

“In only 3 sessions, Crystal helped me move ‘beyond maybe’ to landing and saying ‘YES’ to an exciting new career opportunity!

— Lisa, Lawyer

“I’m thankful I chose Crystal as my coach to work through a career transition and to launch my own business. Her fun and playful approach allowed me to see different perspectives and to recognize my blind spots which has allowed me to clear the way for a bright and successful future. Thank you Crystal!”

— Sarah, Business & Life Coach

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Social Impact Learning & Support Group

Change isn’t always easy, fast or simple. That’s why we’re here for each other.

We meet monthly at HiVE Vancouver.

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