Crystal Lee, Life Coach at Beyond Maybe


Hello! I’m Crystal Lee.

life coach, culture geek, social connector.
I empower professionals to
live courageously & love authentically.

So much happens as we develop our professional identities and discover our own version of work life balance. I know because I’ve gone through it, and I’m STILL going through it.

Do these thoughts sound familiar?

  • I studied hard and landed a job, but I hate it! What do I do now?
  • I’m making decent money but how come I’m still not happy?
  • It’s so hard to make friends. It’s even harder to date. I’m lonely.
  • I’ve been working for a while now. How do I take things to the next level?
  • It’d be amazing if I could (fill in the blank). But I have bills to pay and it’s safer to stay where I am.

Figuring out a balance between work and life can be overwhelming and confusing. There’s so much to consider! Passion versus money, family and societal expectations, dating and relationships, relocation consequences, health and personal sanity……the list goes on.

The good news is, you have the power of choice. You can choose to live courageously and to love authentically.

What I Do For You

I specialize in empowering people to live with work love balance.

You want meaningful work AND a fulfilling life outside the 9 to 5? I’m here to help you live it sooner rather than later. No more maybe this, maybe that. I’ll help you go beyond maybe so you start living a life you love today!

You can count on me to see the awesome in you, to help you blast past fears and doubts, and to call you out when you’re not living up to your potential – because I believe you deserve a life you love.

How I Do It

I partner with you in a thought-provoking and supportive process that inspires you to reach your greatest potential. As a Co-Active coach, I believe that you’re naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. I’m not going to tell you what to do, or fix anything for you. Instead, I’ll use powerful questions and experiential learning to move you towards your dreams.

My style of coaching is a dash of playfulness, a dollop of creativity, and a hint of geek. I coach with courage and authenticity so you too can be courageous and authentic. I draw from my studies of culture, development, and change to help you see existing patterns of thought and behaviour. I lend you my creativity to inspire new ways of being. After all, Albert Einstein said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Why I Do It

I believe we all have so much to share with the world and when we do, not only are we happier, but our relationships grow, and our communities thrive. On top of that, I believe that what the world needs is also what you and I want – to express our whole selves, to share our passions, and to serve a greater purpose. So, I’m on a mission to empower you and others to start living with courage, purpose, and authenticity. And let’s have fun with it!

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