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Change isn’t always easy, fast or simple. That’s why we’re here for each other.

Since 2015, participants of our open community have supported each other’s pursuit of social impact. Together, we have celebrated exciting career opportunities, new friendships, practical help for local projects, as well as inspiration during personal and professional transitions.

We come from diverse backgrounds ranging from sustainability to social development, entrepreneurship, health, fashion, technology, and more. We are united by a desire to connect authentically and to support each other by sharing knowledge, skills and resources.


What to Expect:

Potluck: We are grateful for everyone’s participation so that we always have a delicious, co-created meal.

Group Dialogue: Each month a community member (aka changemaker spotlight) kickstarts a group dialogue by sharing a personal story or skill in the realm of social impact. Past topics have included risk-taking, networking from the heart, finding meaningful work, imposter syndrome, self care, graphic facilitation, and others.

Ask/Offer Circle: Participants take turns to make an ask and/or offer. It’s always a delight to see see what we can make happen as a group!


Location: HiVE Kitchen & Lounge (210-128 West Hastings)
Time: 6:30-9:30pm
Cost: $5-10 suggested donation
Potluck: Please bring a healthy dish to share


Upcoming Topics:

March 23, 2017 RSVP below
Inter-FEAR-ence: Recognizing and Working Through Fear with Ileana Costrut

Originally from a small town in Romania, Ileana Costrut loves everything to do with nature, ecology, hiking, bike touring, and listening to stories. She reads to relax and recharges by sharing food with people. Her professional background is in sustainability education, community engagement and educational design. Some learning interests include systems thinking, transformative pedagogies and interdisciplinary collaborations. One of the fears that has been holding her back, is feeling like she is not good enough at what she does, or what some might call the ‘impostor syndrome.’ Ileana is currently on a learning sabbatical and is looking forward to joining the Groundswell cohort in September.

Dearest Fear: Creativity and I are about to go on a road trip together…Apparently, your job is to induce complete panic whenever I am about to do anything interesting –and, may I say, you are superb at it…I recognize and respect that you are part of this family, and so I will never exclude you from our activities, but still, your suggestions will never be followed…” are the playful words of author Elizabeth Gilbert, as she works through her own fears in the creative writing process.

In this session we will explore fearful thoughts that hold us back from trying something new, or doing something differently or initiating change in our lives. As fear acts on us on the physical and mental planes, we will tune in to our own bodies to recognize the physical symptoms of our fears and identify what makes fearful thoughts so persuasive. Then, harnessing the resourcefulness of the group, we will share our own strategies and approaches to moving through fearful thoughts, in the hopes that we will find new ways of thinking, being and acting that support us to choose new, interesting and unpredictable paths.

What people are saying:

“Safe space created was awesome.”

“These 2 hours gave me the needed reflection in a busy schedule.”

“The event you put together is the best “networking” (I hate that word) event that I’ve ever been to.” – Tee Barnett, Students for High-Impact Charity

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Past Topics

  • Laura Cuthbert, Kudoz, on bringing yourself to work
  • Miranda Maslany on graphic facilitation
  • Katie Stewart, SAD MagHiVE, on risk-taking and knowing when to take the plunge
  • Annika Reinhardt, Talent Collective, on finding your path to meaningful work
  • Sarah Shandl, Dreamers + Doers, on building amazing things by connecting and collaborating
  • Sarah Wall, Body Mind Spirit, on meditation and abundance mindset
  • Maya Goodwill, HiVE Vancouver on the imposter syndrome
  • Chris Schuchmann, Paid for Purpose, on networking from the heart
  • Joey Liu, The Food Connection, on community engagement & meaningful connections through vulnerability & authenticity
  • Crystal Lee, Beyond Maybe, on Outcome Harvesting and working with slow change

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